This room originally served as the family’s dining room, and a plethora of fruits and vegetables in the plasterwork ceiling reflect this.

The bookcase on the north wall contains a collection of primarily K’ang His famille verte porcelain. To the right you’ll see a portrait of John S. Phipps in 1915 by Sir William Orpen. On the left is a portrait by Raymond P.R. Nelson of Michael, dressed in the colors of his polo team accompanied by his favorite dog, Spike.

Once the new dining room was installed in 1927 this became Jay's home office.

Fine Art

left to right, facing the fireplace

  • ltalian Rustic Scene, Richard Wilson (English, 1714-1782)
  • Still-Life with Flowers, Fruit and a Parrot, Jean Baptiste Monnoyer (Franco-Flemish, 1636-1699)
  • John S. Phipps, 1915, J.S. Eland (English, 1872-1933)
  • John Eugene Phipps, Simon Elwes (English, 1902-1975)
  • The Water Mill, George Morland (English, 1763-1804)
  • Michael G. Phipps, 1933, Raymond P. R. Neilson (American, 1881-1964)
  • John S. Phipps, William Orpen (Irish, 1878-1931)