Second Floor Hall

Second Floor Hall

The family's private area contrasts the dark entry hall of the first floor. The bedrooms for Jay, Dita, and their children were on this second floor and the staff's bedrooms were on the third floor. In 1911 the service wing was built which included new quarters for the live-in staff. As a result, the children's bedrooms were relocated to the third floor. The remaining rooms on the second floor were repurposed as a dressing room and a guest room.

The hall contains two Chinese Chippendale mirrors which flank a view of the north allée of beech trees. Opposite the balcony and its wrought iron railing, is a mantel composed of Carrara marble. The armoire,

with walnut veneer and lavish inlay, carries the device of James II.

On the walls are a number of mezzotints (prints made from an engraved copper or steel plate) from the late 18th century.

The tour continues to the right (west).